2 pm

Welcoming Rituals

Humans are born wired for connection – it’s in our DNA, as strong a need as food, water and warmth

Together let’s create a home of warmth and positive energy.

4 pm 


Take a part in inspiring activities and art experiences


When the bass drops

From superstars to emerging talent, the lineup of over 10 DJs from NY, LA, SF and SD will mesmerize and surprise you



Celebrating life with bubbles

We’ll be rocking you from first light til late afternoon with bubbly music and drinks as you watch the sunrise and dance the am hours away 

9 am 

Water Volleyball Tournament

Can’t swim after a long night? 
Bring your pool air mattress!

SELFIE CLOSE UP PORTRAIT: Happy smiling friends doing selfie while having water-gun fight on fun colorful floaties in pool. Young people on inflatable flamingo, pizza, watermelon and doughnut floats

4 pm 

Clean up song

That very special song magically helps to make the house clean and happy